We run Special Services on request:

Baptism is fundamentally about formal membership of the church. Children of active baptised church members may be baptised in faith under the promises of God. Baptisms normally take place in the Sunday morning service. Baptism normally involves a course of preparation for the individual or parents.

Membership is for those already baptised in other churches who wish to join our congregation. Preparation with the minister is required.

Marriage—Christian marriage involves s man and a woman making promises before God and a congregation to commit to life together.

Funerals—Christian funerals remind us of the eternal promises of God and give us hope in the face of grief.

To enquire about any of these special services please contact the Minister.


 At Aspendale Presbyterian Church we seek to care for each other. When we face tough times in life knowing God helps us to support each other. If you are in need of prayer, help or assistance please contact us.

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