Aspendale Presbyterian Church is first and foremost a Church that follows Jesus Christ. 

Who is Jesus?

Jesus was born into a lower class family who lived in Modern day Palestine. He was unknown until the age of thirty, when he spent three years teaching, performing miracles and travelling. Jesus made the astonishing claim that He is God and after being crucified on a Roman cross rose from death three days later. Jesus' death completely pays our debt to God and His resurrection offers us new life. Since Jesus lived 2000 years ago he has inspired billions to change their lives for the better. 

Who are we?

We are a community of Christians who meet in Aspendale each week. We meet to hear God's truth from the Bible, encourage and support each other, and to practically live out the difference Jesus makes.

In recent years the congregation has resolved to rejuvinate the church. Part of this has been appointing Rev. Brett Peatman as minister, but also accepting many changes. As Aspendale has seen many young families moving in, so Aspendale Presbyterian Church is changing and ready to create a new community in Aspendale that is distinctively Christian. 

Our Leadership

As a Presbyterian Church the Church is lead by the Elders. We have two Elders, Ian Gibbon and Kevin Savage who have been local for many years. 

Our Minister

Rev. Brett Peatman has been appointed by the Congregation, the Elders and Presbytery to minister in Aspendale since August 2014. He is passionate about applying the Bible to life and showing practically the difference Jesus makes. He is a Father of four primary age Children and lives in Aspendale. Brett originally trained and worked as a Chemical Engineer before training for the Ministry. He has served in a number of Churches in Melbourne and Sydney. He enjoys wrestling with tough questions about God. 


We are part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia The Presbyterian Church originated in Scotland as part of the protestant reformation. We are Christians who believe the Bible and the risen Lord Jesus. Christians who proclaim God’s promises. Christians who are down to earth, practical and relevant. We believe that Jesus offers us more to life and hope that all will find the difference hope in Jesus makes.

We are also ‘Presbyterian’ in church government. The church is run by ‘Ministers’ (with responsibility for teaching) and ‘Elders’ (who join ministers in pastoral care and oversight). Ministers and Elders are elected by their congregations. For more details see


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