Our vision is to be a vibrant growing local church where we 'Follow Jesus Everyday' together Part of following Jesus is to  regularly meet to understand Him through His word, sing His praise, pray and live His way. The self-less love of God inspires us to be a unique community, where all are welcome and God's ancient truth in the Bible is upheld. Whether you're a committed Christian or just curious you are welcome to join us and find out more. 

We hope that our church will continue to be a group of people who faithfully follow Jesus and serve the community of Aspendale. Our hopes are to run a number of things to serve the community of Aspendale in the future, as resources become available, if you have a particular interest in any of these or if you can help please talk to Rev. Brett Peatman.


Playgroups run on Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30-11:30am. All people are welcome and details can be found here: Aspendale Playgroups


Youth Group

A Christian fellowship Group for High School Students. Fun, Fellowship, practical bible discussion and food. This is beginning in 2018 on Sunday evenings 5-7pm. 


Kids Club

From time to time we run holiday kids clubs. In the future we hope to run a weekly Kids club for Primary Age kids that gives them a grounding in the Christian understanding of life, values and hope. This is an introduction to Christian community with games, food, energetic teaching and fun. 






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